“Do you remember our first subway ride?

Our first heavy metal haircuts?

Our last swim on the east coast?

And me with my ridiculous looking pierced nose?”

From “Michael” by Red House Painters

One of the recurring themes of this blog seem to be journeying through life.  Back in the latter stages of my student days I forged one of my closest friendships and one I’m saddened to have let too much distance creep into in recent years.  Mike was studying fine art when we met through church.  I have such fond memories of driving around in “The Acid Mobile” (a slightly clapped out Ford Escort van, the last three letters of the registration plate of which were LSD), staying up late in student flats lit by candlelight talking about life, death and the universe into the wee small hours.  Actually, probably talking about life, God, our girlfriends, hormones, self control, music and art when I come to think about it.  Seemingly carefree, long haired, days of acoustic guitars, grunge music and big smiles…Mike and I share such a great quality of conversation and it cheers and encourages me no end to talk with him.

He decided to use his final year at Art School to explore the themes of his spiritual journey.  He scribbled in journals and took his thoughts out with his paintbrushes.  

The above photo is of a piece we commissioned him to paint about 9 years ago.  It means so much to me.  It is the coastline at Cramond in Edinburgh where we lived at the time and in the years when I really discovered how much I missed being able to see water and be close to it.  It has lines resembling the Edinburgh coastal road and the motorway links between Aberdeen (where we met) and Edinburgh (where I now live).  It has song lyrics from tracks we listened to back in the day.  It has a quote from an Oswald Chambers book I bought him when I was his best man, six months before he was my best man.  It has notes from his Dad’s journals from when he was a Captain at sea.  It speaks to me in different ways on different days.

Fourteen years on and Mike is still walking and talking with God when he’s with his paintbrushes and charcoals and I love his work all the more for it.  If you happen to be in Aberdeen between now and 9th November 2008, then I’d encourage you to get along to see his current exhibition at Bridge View details and some images of which are linked here.

We may not be riding the Clockwork Orange subway to see bands in Glasgow anymore, we may not still be sporting our long hair, you may not be out paddling surfboards with me in the East coast swell and I never had my nose pierced although plenty of our friends did. – Nonetheless, Michael Peter Samson – this post’s for you, bro’.


1 Response to “Michael”

  1. 1 brunettekoala October 3, 2008 at 9:05 am

    It is a fantastic painting…!!

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