You Got The Style


“Yeah, you got the style
And we’ve got the style
And they got the style
And everybody’s got it”

From “You Got The Style” by Athlete.

So we’ve started this new series on Sunday mornings called “This Way Of Life”.  Our growing church community represents such a diverse range of people in terms of age, demographics, socio-economics, style and taste.  Some of have been around churches all our lives, some of us have walked away from organised religion and found our way back to this community, some of us are new to this whole thing called faith, some of us are just checking it out…

Karl talked about some different styles of folks who make up our little family.

1)  Naturalists – who feel closest to God when surrounded by creation.

2) Sensates – who feel closest to God when all five senses are engaged; moved to worship by sights, sounds and smells.

3)  Traditionalists – who feel closest to God through ritual, symbols and structured worship.

4)  Ascetics – who feel closest to God through solitude, silence and simplicity.

5)  Activists – who feel closest to God when engaged in moral confrontations and standing against sin.

6)  Caregivers – who feel closest to God when serving and caring for the needs of others.

7)  Enthusiasts – who feel closest to God when participating in celebration and joyful worship and who want to experience God.

8)  Contemplatives – who feel closest to God when resting in His presence, contemplating and adoring Him.

9)  Intellectuals – who feel closest to God when something new is learned about Him, when mind is stimulated.

Which are you and which am I?  There’s a little test you can do by clicking here.  It gives a fairly crude benchmark, but might be helpful (although defining activism with protesting outside an abortion clinic gives me significant concern and is hugely unhelpful in my understanding of things – go read “What’s So Amazing About Grace?” by Philip Yancey).

The little small group who meet in our home talked at length about the test and our corresponding results the other week.  One of us went away to see if there was any correlation which might shape how we actually run the group or the sorts of things we might do jointly in trying to live our faith out loud.  There were mixed feelings, but a general recognition that it was helpful to see how best to read our bibles as individuals or to pray, safe in the feedom of not having to measure up to one another in how we do that.  Bible study and prayer are, however, fundamental things we need to be persuing and not making excuses for on basis of style.  Also as our congregation grows and changes, it is helpful to recognise the value in different ways of doing things and promoting unity.


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