Son Of Everyone

“You are there and you are not silent.

So, say something useful.

Don’t say that sequence is not important

and that you live and move in slow motion.”

From “Son Of Everyone” by calamateur.

As our little experiment in facilitating a creative arts project nears an end we were treated to a truly special evening of music and comedy on Monday night.  Personally, it is one of those nights I will cherish and hold onto and remember with a huge sense of delight for years to come.

As well as the music, there was just joy in the little, seemingly invisible, things.  The happiness of just being able to buy some drinks for people I have held dearer than they know for most of my days in Edinburgh, the conversations and funny little connections of realising that somebody knows somebody who knows someone and the recognition of what a small world it is.  The sense of bringing together people from different ages and stages in life and different backgrounds and being captivated as the songs and stories unfolded. To witness authenticity rather than religion.  I’ve been chuckling to myself in recent days observing in real life some of the observations noted in Fiona Stewart’s stand up comedy slot.

A huge indebtedness is owed to everyone who gave up time and energy so willingly.  It was a joy to see DLDown for my first time.  The variation of arrangements and the noteworthy delivery of a Lies Damned Lies number accapella and the looped arrangements of “Icarus” were highlights for me.


As for Calamateur, I’d gladly pay money to see them play live every night of the week – so it was a huge pleasure to witness their set in a space where everyone was attentive.


If you were there and enjoyed the music (or if you weren’t but are intrigued), then you can download music at DLDown’s website or at calamateur’s site.  You can also download the exceptional “Jesus Is For Losers” album for free here.  There is an option to donate and I would strongly encourage you to do so given that this is essentially a livelihood – in exchange you’ll get some additional tracks and remixes that are worth having.

Thanks to everyone who has shown me something of the joy of art and the art of joy this past little while.

If you’ve not managed to see the art exhibition yet, then you can still do so by visiting the Bistro at The Lot, 2-4 Grassmarket, Edinburgh between now and Sunday afternoon.  30% of any sales proceeds from artwork will go directly to the Grassmarket Mission.


2 Responses to “Son Of Everyone”

  1. 1 Fin April 15, 2009 at 11:25 pm

    Glad to hear the Event has been a success over the last few weeks – would have loved to have made it (to see calamateur is always good) and also to see the artwork…
    Authentic vs. Religion…like it!
    A bit of joy from me? Margo gave birth to a baby daughter on 1st April (no joke!) and we are delighted. She is truly a gift from God after many years of waiting etc. We have called her Joell Evi ( Joell meaning either “The Lord is God” or “The Lord is willing” – take your pick we love ’em both!)
    Now comes the hard bit…

  2. 2 thestatethatiamin April 16, 2009 at 1:02 pm

    Hey Fin – huge congratulations to you all. Glad to hear of the safe arrival of Joell Evi. If it’s anything like our experience, the next few months will be full of a joy and a sense of love and emotion so much larger than anything you know or can comprehend mixed with a tiredness and yet an inner strength. I hope it all goes good and, despite, the distnace if there’s anything we can do (or anything you need – we have gladly shared all our daughter’s stuff around various folks a few times) then let us know.

    Deep peace,


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