A Conscious Life For Coma Boy.

“I know I’d like a conscious life.
I don’t know how to get there.
I don’t know how to get there.
So keep me right.
We’re wasting time.
I don’t know how to get there.
And I don’t know how…

Stand up and and fight,
For all you’ve yet to know
Coma Boy.

It’s not something to love or hate.
But don’t you dare go throw it away.
May you be all you can, Coma Boy”

From “A Conscious Life For Coma Boy” by Aereogramme.

Do you ever get one of those periods where you seem to hear the same thing in loads of different places?

I’ve been experiencing that lately.  I’ve been thinking a lot about the pace of life and how much I try to cram into any given day.  I’ve been thinking about the whole concept of a one in seven rhythm in life and nature – time for land to be fallow, time to rest, time to reflect, time to be restored, time to recharge.  Time not so much to do, as to simply be…

Some would wrap those ideas up in a notion of “sabbath”.  That word sound archaic to me –  as if from a previous generation.  It holds a lot of negative connotations – lists of things not to do – things to put off rather than things to put on, as a friend of mine recently posted.

Yet today has felt like a sabbatical of sorts and I feel all the better for it.  What did it look like?


After breakfast with friends and family, I headed to the big communal living room I know as church.  For the third week in a row we deconstructed the story we all refer to as the prodigal son.  For the third week in a row I was struck by the tale of the elder brother – of how sanctimoniously and judgmentally he acted and of what his duties and obligations should have been to his lost sibling.  I see fresh challenge in a story I thought I knew so well.  Why would I want to be anywhere else on a  Sunday morning?

I spent a reasonably pleasant afternoon reorganising my daughter’s bedroom in the wake of my first real experience of the phenonomon known as “A waking nightmare from Ikea”  which accounted for much of yesterday.  The end results are a transformation of space and a happily sleeping child.

This evening enabled my wife and I to stop and savour and enjoy some amazing food from our favourite takeaway.


It was accompanied by a classic film neither of us have watched for about 11 years and which we both thoroughly enjoyed.


Now I will relax into post-blogging sleep after reading some more of “Goodbye 20th Century: Sonic Youth and The Rise of The Alternative Nation” by David Browne.

Night, night.


1 Response to “A Conscious Life For Coma Boy.”

  1. 1 brunettekoala May 4, 2009 at 9:03 am

    Hee hee to the Ikea thing. But the bed is sooo cool!!

    And Bombay Feast is how I finished off my evening too. Ok, and some blogging and watching ‘Mock the Week’.

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