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Panic On

“Had a light one night in the dark.
It won’t show you too much of the future.
Let it go.
Let it fall behind.
I would never call on human nature.”

From “Panic On” by Madder Rose.


I love my iPod.  I love the way the shuffle function often catches me by surprise and transports me instantly back in time to a period when a particular song came to mean something.  Sign posts, stepping stones and mile stones.  Memories and emotions are re-awoken in seconds.

Sometimes my shuffle function seems to have a mind of its own as if willing me to rediscover an album that has been gathering dust on my shelf for far too long.  This week I listened to the wonderful “Panic On” album by Madder Rose in its entirety for the first time in several years.  I remember discovering it back in 1994 through airplay by John Peel and the odd track appearing on a steady stream of compilation tapes my friend Craig B would send me.  The album still sounds every bit as fantastic today.

Had the iPod existed back in ’94, I guess most played would have included:  Sugar; Pixies; Dinosaur Jr; Teenage Fanclub; Red House Painters; Smashing Pumpkins; The Breeders; The Tinglies; home recorded demos of Craig B’s; and Grant Lee Buffalo. 

I’ve attached a You Tube clip below of a song that still means a lot to me.  A monument or testament I can look back to and see I have happily journeyed with even if I couldn’t have seen much of the future back then.


Bethlehem Steel

“But the steeples on the hills they point
To a better life beyond this one
And that promise penetrates the clouds
And mighty walls of brick red cinnamon”

From “Bethlehem Steel” by Grant Lee Buffalo


The above lyrics come from a song using the picture language of the nativity to describe the steel workings of parts of America in their heights.  That said, I love the idea of spires and steeples drawing our attention upwards and away from ourselves.  I have a tendency to look at my feet or straight ahead when I am walking, pre-occupied with my thoughts.  How often do I set my eyes on things above?

Yet, I believe music is a vehicle which can transport us to different places instantaneously.  I cherish those rare moments when I see someone walking down a street with their earphones on, singing out loud and simply lost in the joy of music.  The video clip below is worth watching in its entirety for the same reasons…

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